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Winter Skincare Routine

December 8, 2010

Happy Winter Holidays (soon to be anyways) to you guys!

So we are well into winter now and I can just feel the cold dry air changing my skin right now. Especially since I have been using more makeup recently (due to a variety of special occasions and events happening in uni), my skin is drying FAST. I had to make some alterations to my skincare routine to save my dying skin

First thing in the morning, I take a shower and use Neutrogena’s facial cleanser and scrub exfoliant (both available at Mannings stores). I like to really massage it into my pores and leave it on for 5-10 seconds before I rinse it off so that I can get rid of ALL the impurities in my skin.

After I hop out of the shower (whether or not I put on makeup), I like to use a moisturiser to keep my skin from drying in the cold air. I have used Lancome Hydrozen for a long time – however for a quick fix Bobbi Brown face oil (not on a regular basis) does a great job in illuminating your face.

Throughout the day, I don’t really do anything else to my skin but when I do remove my makeup, the only thing I do differently is that I use green tea to cleanse my face afterwards. Green tea has antioxidants and properties that help reduce redness and minimise pores. Also, it makes my skin feel alot more refreshed – i would definitely use this method throughout winter (when I have to walk in and out of cold and hot environments) to reduce redness.

Come night time before bed, I apply moisturiser onto my arms and legs – my favourite products are St.Ives Hydrate body moisturiser. It contains vitamin E which helps to reduce stretch marks, maintains oil balance and reduces water loss in your skin, keeping it hydrated at all times 🙂 In this winter weather, vitamin E is crucial unless you want to resemble what my mom describes as a “flaking lizard”!

As for my face, I am a loyal devotee of ~H20+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment (HK$320/50mL) (I think I have been using this product since I was 10 years old). It hydrates your skin with “8 cups of water”.

This is my updated skincare for Winter. Hope that it helps you!

Stay gorgeous


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