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‘Sam’ recovery in progress

December 10, 2010

Have you ever gotten lost before? Getting lost as in having trouble finding your way back to your old self. There has to be something occupying you, taking so much of your time that the minute you are done with it you just want to crash into the sweet embrace of your bed and never wake up again. But obviously you have to, and the emptiness that’s left inside you makes you feel like something is missing before you can be whole again. (I know it sounds like what a heart-broken girl would write but it’s really not that.)

The past November is the busiest month in my nearly 20-years of life so far. I didn’t even have enough time to sleep, let alone time to do the things that are qualified as Sam-stuff. When December came along with revision week and exams, I finally get to catch my breath. Now that exam’s over (you won’t envy me when you get to experience my November 2010), there are certain things that need my complete attention.

I am on my way to finding the ‘me’, and I am going to achieve this by doing the things I love – occasional lunch-alones, a good book (and by that I mean the final book of the Vampire Academy Series, Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead), guitar, the annual viewing of The Holiday (it’s Christmas). I’m also planning a trip with my family, and I think going to the cinema by myself on a beautiful day would do the final touch of magic. Let’s not forget writing, I’m paying more frequent visits to my journal lately, and I am planning to do so for as long as I can manage without slacking.

See, this December already sounds very promising. Ha. My favorite month of the year.

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