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Brain Game 13.1.2011

January 14, 2011

the brain game

This week’s question:

What’s your New Year wish for Hong Kong?”

Tacye Hong, 13, St Paul’s Convent School

I hope Hong Kong would become a happy place. I wish children could play whenever they want and teenagers could enjoy their studies. I wish young people would not have to worry about their future, grown-ups would have more time for their family, and the elderly would be happy.

Ellis Lee, 15, Delia Memorial School (Broadway)

Most people look forward to the same things every year: holidays, pay days, and, of course, the Rugby Sevens. Nothing remotely fun happens in Hong Kong. It’s either that or I just don’t go out often enough. Looking back at last year, I realise how boring it had been. I can’t remember anything exciting or interesting from last year. I wish this year would be worth remembering when I look back next year.

Sophie Cheung, 14, German Swiss International School

Two words: Blue skies. Everyone, whether young or old, should be able to marvel at this simple yet dazzling sight. It is not an unattainable wish: we just have to work together to improve the environment. Think green when you’re shopping.

William Cheng, 16, TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College

We were badly affected by inflation last year. Prices went sky high. No matter how rich or poor we are, we have to think of ways to beat inflation. I hope there would be no inflation this year, and Hong Kong people would not have to live under the pressure of inflation anymore.

Dhruv Singh, 13, YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College

Iwish this global city would become a city of joy, where parents wouldn’t have to overwork and could spend more time with their children. I also wish to see a bluer Victoria Harbour and a greener Hong Kong. I wish everyone would be stressfree and would smile more.

Aaron De Silva, 18, ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School

I wish there would be more land. The government wants to use part of our country park as landfills. I think this is a bad idea. Hong Kong people would lose out because with less country park, they would enjoy less greenery.

Christine Gabrielle Bacus Nietes, 16, Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo)

Iwish there would be less air pollution in Hong Kong. If this was accomplished, people would breathe cleaner air. They would also be able to get a better view of the harbour and Victoria Peak. With less pollution, people would have fewer respiratory problems.

Crystal Leung, 16, Sacred Heart Canossian College

Iwish families would spend more time together. A day could be set aside for family members to recall their childhood memories. I hope everyone would be eager to take part in such a reunion. They should, at least for a night, not spend time sending text messages.

Arjun Sivakumar, 14, South Island School

Iwish health care for the elderly would improve. Although it is almost free, the elderly have to wait in longs queues for health checks. With better care, the elderly would also live longer. What we provide for the elderly today is what we will reap tomorrow. And we will all be old one day.

Priscilla Lin, 13, Tak Oi Secondary School

Hong Kong is a well developed city. Most people can have what they want in life, but there are quite a number who are less fortunate. Many are unemployed, while some suffer from hunger and sickness. They have to survive on a tiny income. These people are easily forgotten. We should help them by donating money or things.

Votes close on Tuesdays at noon.

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