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Brain Game 20.1.2011

January 20, 2011

the brain game

This week’s question:

“How would you design a tablet computer for your grandparents?”

Tacye Hong, 13, St Paul’s Convent School

I would design one which allows user interface via voice input and output. Typing and reading are difficult for the elderly. The program will link up with weather forecasts/warnings, run applications to monitor their health, auto-connect the “Elder Ring” hotline service and have a GPS for us to know their whereabouts.

Ellis Lee, 15, Delia Memorial School (Broadway)

I would surely include a camera. This would give them the chance to make video calls to family and friends. I would also add a text reader. Most elderly people have trouble reading. I would keep things simple for my grandparents.

Aaron De Silva, 18, ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School

I would design the most userfriendly computer controlled by brain waves. The computer, with a large monitor, would be linked to a head band to be worn by my grandparents. Then they would be able to control the computer using their minds.

Crystal Leung, 16, Sacred Heart Canossian College

A big computer screen and large font sizes would be needed. Pictures of forests or trees will automatically pop up to ease the strain on my grandparents’ eyes. Also, the mouse will act as a hand-warmer so they will not be cold when surfing the Net in winter.

Dhruv Singh, 13, YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College

My tablet computer would make them feel young and loved. It would give them direct access to their friends, family, favourite music and movies, as well as interesting games to improve their memory. It would also have a pulse-reading function and an emergency call service, and would offer inspiring thoughts about life. It would be light and handy, too.

William Cheng, 16, TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College

It would have a big screen, large fonts and icons so that they feel comfortable using the device. There would also be a photo album with family pictures from the good old days. There would also be pictures of special events, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Arjun Sivakumar, 14, South Island School

My tablet computer would have an easy-to-use, slideout keyboard. Since my grandparents tend to misplace things, the computer would have a voicerecognition feature. If they called for it, there would be a loud beep.

Sophie Cheung, 14, German Swiss International School

My computer would be voice-activated, so it would require minimum physical effort. It would also have a highdefinition screen. And there would be a little avatar to guide my not-so-tech-savvy grandparents.

Christine Gabrielle Bacus Nietes, 16, Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo)

The design would include an avatar of me popping up on the screen to help my grandparents if they have problems using the computer. It would be something similar to the paperclip on Microsoft Word, but it would provide a sense of caring – instead of a cartoon character, a family member would be helping them.

Votes close on Tuesdays at noon.

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  1. Hudson permalink
    January 25, 2011 8:31 pm

    I would plant it in their brains so they could do anything without having to strain themselves to an extra extent.

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